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Episode #4: Shomit Ghose, GP of a Silicon Valley firm with 7 funds under its belt

This episode runs contrary to what the European VC stands for and features an American VC from the Valley. However, the focus is on looking from the outside in, as well as carving out lessons learned from decades of collaboration across the Atlantic. Shomit Ghose is a General Partner of ONSET Ventures, a leading early stage venture firm operating out of Sand Hill Road, in Silicon Valley. With more than 130 startups and 7 funds under its belt, ONSET Ventures is a highly respected firm in the Valley. Shomit is a seasoned VC with multiple IPOs under his belt – both as an investor and as an entrepreneur. In this episode you will learn: – How the European and American VC landscapes differ and what we can learn from both. – How to increase your presence and establish collaborations between US and European VCs. – How to approach building a country-agnostic fund and the role of VCs, LPs and Institutions.

Episode #3 Michael Hansen, CEO of a leading Business Angel Association in Europe

Michael Hansen is the CEO of DanBAN, Denmark’s leading Business Angel Association. DanBAN consist of more than 200 active Angels who collectively invest in more than 30 M€ on an annual basis. Prior to joining DanBAN, Michael was the chief architect behind the sprawling investment environment around the Danish Robotics Cluster which is broadly recognized as one of the very strongest clusters for Robotics companies in Europe, if not the world.

In this episode, you will learn from a true investment cluster builder – The importance of politicians making brave strategic decisions in promoting cluster development. – The story of the Danish Robotics Cluster in which the first collaborative robots were hatched, counting with two acquisitions at a valuation of almost 1 billion EUR. – How to work with national clusters to generate deal flow and fast track deals. – Collaboration models between Business Angels and VCs.

Episode #2 Stephan Morais, Founder and Managing Partner of a leading early-stage deep tech VC firm

Stephan Morais is the founder and Managing Partner of Indico Capital Partners, a leading early-stage deep tech VC firm. With a diversified background as an investment banker, consultant, entrepreneur and CEO, he has lived in 8 countries and 4 continents over the last 24 years, and acted as and advisor to politicians and European institutions. Prior to founding Indico, Stephan was an Executive Board Member at Caixa Capital, where he led investment rounds of many Portuguese global tech success stories.

In this episode, you’ll learn – How Stephan tackled raising a VC fund and what to should look for in LPs – How European VCs can push for policy developments that allow for more capital to be deployed into the industry – What Europe can learn from other countries and regions – What learnings Stephan has drawn from running an iberian fund

Episode #1 Marc Lohrmann, Managing Partner of a 120 M€ life science fund

Marc Lohrmann is the Managing Partner of Vesalius Biocapital III, a 120 €M venture capital fund investing in late-stage companies in drug development, medical devices, diagnostics and eHealth, across Europe. Prior to joining Vesalius, Marc started eight life sciences companies, worked as an investment manager at a leading corporate VC and worked with several corporate finance boutiques focused on life sciences M&A transactions.

In this episode, you’ll learn – How VBC III works as a country-agnostic VC fund and the main barriers to more funds investing across Europe. – How investors without a natural sciences background can create value for Life Sciences companies and why founders find these investors a refreshing element in the board room. – What Marc would love to change about European VC, what’s important when investing across Europe and what’s next for Marc.