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This program is a crash course for entrepreneurs keen to hone their financial and interpersonal skills for venture capital financing. During the program, we will guide you through the deal process. Participants will acquire a deep understanding of how venture capital investors fundraise, generate investment opportunities, screen, valuate, carry out due diligence, negotiate the term sheet, add value, manage the portfolio and exit the company.


The program is led by expert venture builders, combining class-based theory with real-world examples, recommended readings, live discussions, Q&A sessions and office hours. You will learn how VCs operate and have the opportunity to translate this knowledge into your own fundraising activities.



150€ Per Team

limited seats


Pre-Recorded Sessions

(Watch at your own pace)

Session 1 - Welcome to the wonderful world of VC

Welcome to the wonderful world of VC. This first session is focused on giving you an overview of the industry. This is the first step in your process to better understand VCs, their decision-making process, and motivations. We will take you through the core building blocks of every VC firm/fund and you’ll learn how VCs fundraise themselves. Remember, it’s only by understanding both sides of the table that you can truly be effective in your fundraising.

Session 2 - Making your startup investable

This session will help you look at the investment potential of your own startup through the lens of a VC. You’ll learn how VCs generate, screen and evaluate investment opportunities. Understanding the deal flow assessment frameworks used by VCs will make you better equipped to approach potential investors. We will show you some real cases and share key insights for your fundraising.

Session 3 - Deal terms: Understanding valuation

One of the key issues in a VC term sheet is valuation. In this session we will focus on how VCs look at valuation and guide you through key valuation principles and basic parameters. You’ll not only understand the motivation behind how VCs value startups, but also become aware of alternative approaches and how they might impact you and your startup.

Session 4 - Deal terms: Valuation isn't all that matters

Valuations are really important and are often the focus of founders. But is valuation the only thing that matters? In this session you’ll learn that VCs rely more on getting the right terms than getting the pre-money valuation right. You’ll learn the dangers of focusing solely on valuation and get a detailed overview of the main ownership and governance issues to take into account.

Session 5 - The VC value add: Optimize for smart money

Did you know that 9 out of 10 new businesses fail within 5 years? VCs know that. That’s why they only invest in the best startups out there and focus on helping them grow. In this session you will learn how VCs can add value to your startup, how to assess them for their ability to do so and how to get the most out of a VC investment.

Session 6 - The road to exit: How VCs make money

Most VCs will tell you that investing is the easy part; creating and securing the right exit is the hard part – and how VCs actually make money. In this session you’ll learn about VC exit strategies to better understand VCs’ expectations when they invest in you. VCs can be your biggest ally by promoting and supporting you in the route from foundry to IPO/Trade Sale; but only when both sides are on the same page.

Q&A Live Sessions

(Scheduled throughout the program)

Q&A Live session 1

This is your chance to ask questions specific to how the content relates to your startup. This is scheduled after Session 4. 

Q&A Live session 2

This is your time to shine. Pitch your startup and apply all the learnings. You’ll get feedback from your peers and both lecturers. This is scheduled after Session 6. 

Office Hours

(Predetermined slots)


Exclusive access, booked throughout the program

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