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Europe's first Open-sourced, self-paced fundraise accelerator program

We’ve open-sourced our 10-step fundraise process & resources for all founders to use to easily build & execute on a no-BS fundraise prep that’ll secure them the network & skills needed to close their next round fast.
Founders get free access to a fast growing community of fellow founders & mentors dedicated to fundraising  as well as inspirational talks & Q&A sessions with some of Europe’s best VCs. 

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What you get out of it

🕸 Community

We encourage collaboration & sharing of fundraising experiences and learnings. Be kind & welcoming. Remember that all other members are like-minded founders trying to build something unique. We strongly encourage you to engage & try to add value. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out. If you haven’t yet, join the slack community above!


The process consists of a set of assignments designed to get you ready to execute on a no-BS fundraise process. Whether you’re already raising or just planning to start, the steps will help you complete a successful raise fast & without surprises.

🎥 Recorded sessions

To help you master all you need to know when fundraising, we have prepared a set of recorded sessions on VC funding. These are designed to help you understand how VCs think, make decisions & what that means to you. You can find them all here, we will do our best to update these regularly.

🤯 Inspirational talks

To keep you inspired and motivated, we host inspirational talks with some of the leading VCs worldwide. We leverage our community of VCs built through our podcast, which is also a quite informative resource to understand the way VCs think. Stay peeled 👀 for announcements on slack and watch past ones here.

🤔 Sparring sessions

To assist with strategic questions, we host community sparring and fundraise status sessions (with Q&A). Every month you can join an informal session to discuss with your peers, as well as our expert EUVC hosts & mentors.

👨‍🏫 Mentor corps

To give you a helping hand with your fundraise, we’ve got a mentor corps who are committed to help founders raise their first round. They’ve got different specialties & focus areas, so do check them out to see who might be able to add value to you.

Want more?

Whatever the level of engagement and commitment you’re looking for, we’d love to help out. 


  • Access to all resources on the Notion platform 
  • Access to the Fundraise Slack Community 

If you want to go from “wanting to raise” to “ready to raise” and see the value of being closely connected to the community and have access to sparring along the way, this is for you. Sign up for a premium membership here 🔥.

  • All of the above ☝
  • AMAs every other week with community leaders for hands-on sparring
  • Access to Slack channel exclusively for premium members with closer sparring with community leaders
  • Guaranteed spot on virtual events w/ prioritized access to ASK QUESTIONS guests
  • Access to pitch sparring channel for direct feedback on your elevator pitch & deck
  • Access to perks and discounts (working every day to get you these 🎁)

If you’re ready to commit to our 10 step process, we’re ready to commit to giving you hands-on support on preparing for a successful raise. Check it out below, book a preliminary chat here or if you’re just ready to get going, go here 💪.

  • All of the above ☝
  • Onboarding including personalized fundraise prep on the basis of the 10 step process.
    We jump on a call together to go through the 10 step process and identify the most important steps & assignments for you based on what you have done already. If you haven’t started preparing your raise at all, every step and assignment will be relevant, but if you’ve already begun, we’ll identify what should be skipped and what shouldn’t.
  • Mentor & investor Gatekeeper matchmaking
    We’ll help you define a path to mentors who can grow to become strong investor gatekeepers for you. This is key to succeed with for you to get out of the bucket of cold inbound deal flow.
  • Midway Funding Path review
    Focused on evaluating your moonshot potential and key areas of risk, giving you feedback on your pitch & deck as well as a review of your target investor profiles & tactics to create sexiness and competition in your round. And to round it off, a review of your defined fundraise timeline.
  • Final Funding Path review
    Rigorous review on your pitch & deck, your investor pipeline sheet including strength of introducers and prepared tactics, templates & tools to create sexiness and competition in your round. And of course a final review of your timeline and action plan.
  • Final remarks before we go full-on together 🚀
    Before going into this, you must know that we are blunt in our feedback and recommendations. But similarly to an accelerator that can help entrepreneurs either validate their business or disprove it quick, some founders by working with us will realize that they are not a moonshot potential company/VC-backable. That’s fine and will mean you’ll have many other possible routes: traditional SME, micro PE, TTO/R&D funding, etc. If this is the case, we will be upfront about it and give recommendations as to how to pursue this path.